Which One Should I Buy – Laptop or Tablet?

There has been a significant growth in the popularity of laptops in recent years, and a substantial number of people prefer to purchase them over tablets. However, a huge chunk of consumers are still confused when it comes to buying a laptop or a tablet. If you’re one of them, this blog is for you.

The Differences Between Laptops and Tablets

There are a number of differences that you need to understand when buying a laptop or a tablet.
1. The Display When it comes to a laptop, it’s your choice of what type of display you want to go for. But a tablet only displays the user interface; it doesn’t have a touch screen or a built-in keyboard. The technology is really the same. It’s a choice you make on the basis of the type of device that you want to use.

2. Battery Life As mentioned earlier, a laptop lasts much longer on a single charge than a tablet.

3. Size Though both laptops and tablets have been designed to fit into all kinds of space, some people prefer to go with tablets because of their size. 4. Design Though a lot of consumers prefer tablets, many others prefer laptops, depending on the design. 5.

Pros and Cons of Buying a Laptop

Pros – Laptops usually last for many years. They are also quite affordable. – Laptops are considered as a safer option than a tablet.

Cons – Laptops lack of graphical power. However, the technological innovations introduced in recent years have enhanced the gaming, video editing and photo editing capabilities of a laptop. So in most cases, you can do what you want with a laptop. – Laptops can’t run a full desktop operating system, such as Windows. – Laptops aren’t compact or portable. Laptop Vs Tablets: Design Now the debate doesn’t center around features of the gadgets, but rather on the design of the products. Laptops are compact and lightweight, but the main attraction of tablets is its large screen. It gives them an edge over laptops.

Pros and Cons of Buying a Tablet

There are plenty of people who have no choice but to use tablets, which are often preferred to laptops. Although they do have their advantages, but there are a few drawbacks that can weigh you down. If you’re looking to purchase a tablet for your daily work and/or education, you’ll find there are some downsides. Their size, low processing power, low screen resolution, and long battery life can be a handful. The Pros of Buying a Laptop In comparison, a laptop has much more to offer in terms of speed, battery life, and screen resolution. Better performance and faster processing power, along with a longer battery life, will make the device a better choice over a tablet.

How to Decide Which One to Buy

So, the first thing you need to decide is what kind of function do you need from your laptop/tablet. The Role Of Laptops Laptops are high-quality devices that are designed to be used for specific functions. They are for browsing the Internet, using office applications, writing documents, taking photos, etc. The Role Of Tablets On the other hand, tablets are more capable in performing multiple functions. They allow you to watch videos, play games, do a bit of typing, etc. Choosing the Right Size of the Laptop While laptops are generally big, tablets are rather small and portable. Therefore, while laptops tend to be more affordable than tablets, they tend to weigh more. On the other hand, if you prefer to carry your laptop around frequently, laptops may be more suitable for you.


Laptops and tablets are more often than not bought separately when you’re looking for a desktop replacement or a portable device. But, in the past few years, many manufacturers have joined forces and launched hybrid notebooks which are more portable than their single-purpose siblings. They come with a decent amount of processing power and have enough storage space as well. While these laptops have their own advantages, you should never compromise on the durability and battery life. If you do, then you may find that they turn out to be expensive to repair and run for no more than a couple of years. They’re best if you look for a desktop replacement with a good selection of ports and you like to carry a tablet for your daily work.

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