Discover the Humane AI Pin: The Screenless Personal Assistant

Welcome to the dawn of a new era in wearable technology—the Humane AI Pin is here to revolutionize our day-to-day interactions with a touch of style. This isn’t just any tech accessory; it’s an intelligent companion designed to merge with your wardrobe and lifestyle, offering the smarts of artificial intelligence without the bulk of a screen.

A Fusion of Fashion and Function

Making its grand debut in collaboration with the fashion-forward label Coperni at Paris Fashion Week, the Humane AI Pin challenges our notions of what a smart device can be. It’s a statement piece that doubles as a personal assistant—no screen required. The device attaches magnetically to your ensemble, delivering AI-powered assistance through voice commands and subtle gestures. With its chic design and laser-projected interface that appears like magic on your palm, the Humane AI Pin turns heads while keeping you connected.

The Masterminds Behind the Pin

Imran Chaudhri and Bethany Bongiorno, the co-founders of Humane and former Apple executives, have poured their passion for innovation into creating the Humane AI Pin. Drawing from their experience in creating some of the most iconic tech products in history, they’ve crafted a wearable that feels like a natural extension of oneself—blending seamlessly into the fabric of your life.

Discover the Humane AI Pin: The Screenless Personal Assistant

Smart Features for Smart Living

Imagine stepping out without your smartphone and still staying on top of everything. The Humane AI Pin makes this possible. It’s a stand-alone device loaded with a camera, microphone, speaker, laser projector, and sensors. Whether it’s projecting a dial pad onto your hand to make a call, recognizing objects around you for quick information, or translating a foreign language in real-time, this nifty pin has got you covered. Plus, with the “Trust Light” feature, you’ll always know when it’s recording or listening—privacy is just as fashionable as the device itself.

Get Yours Now

The moment has arrived—the Humane AI Pin is officially on the scene and ready to complement your lifestyle. With a price tag of $699, it’s an investment in both style and substance, offering a fresh way to engage with technology that’s as attentive to design as it is to functionality. Although there’s buzz about an additional monthly subscription for premium data services, details are still being unveiled.

So, style mavens and tech enthusiasts alike, it’s time to elevate your wardrobe with more than just accessories but with intelligence. The Humane AI Pin isn’t just about making a fashion statement; it’s about embracing an effortlessly connected life where technology doesn’t overshadow but enhances our human experiences. Welcome to the world where your tech is as on-trend as your outfit, and staying connected looks better than ever.



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