8 Billionth Person in the World

Symbolic “Eight Billionth Baby” Born In Manila

UN said the global milestone signals major improvements in public health that have lowered the risk of death and increased life expectancy.

A baby girl born in Tondo, Manila, is being considered as the symbolic eighth billion person in the world. Vinice Mabansag was born at Dr Jose Fabella Memorial Hospital at 1:29 am (local time). Her birth was celebrated by the Philippines’ Commission on Population and Development, which posted photos pf the baby girl and her mother on Facebook. It has taken 12 years for one billion people to be added to the global population, with India on the cusp of overtaking China as the world’s most populous country next year.

8 billionth person in the world

8 billionth person in the world

A baby girl born in Manila on Tuesday is one of the newborns symbolising being the 8 billionth person in the world.



Today, the population of humans on Earth has crossed 8 billion officially.
1 Billion 1804
2 Billion 1927
3 Billion 1960
4 Billion 1974
5 Billion 1987
6 Billion 1998
7 Billion 2010
8 Billion 2022
9 Billion 2037 (estimated)
10 Billion 2058 (estimated)
It is estimated that 10.4 Billion will be the peak population we reach around 2080, after that population should decrease.
Reaching this landmark is both an event to welcome because we live longer lives & but also a wake-up call as our planet can support 8 billion people only if we act in a sustainable way.

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