Tom Hiddleston says his Marvel journey ends with Loki Season 2 Finale

Tom Hiddleston recently appeared on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon to discuss the implications of Loki’s finale for the beloved MCU character.

“It’s been a journey”
~ Tom Hiddleston ~


The conclusion of Loki Season 2 not only wraps up the second season but also provides closure to Loki’s character arc, which has spanned 14 years in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. In the finale, Loki leverages his newfound abilities to repair the Temporal Loom, ultimately assuming the role of the God of Stories. This development paves the way for potential crossovers between Marvel universes in the future. Hiddleston’s portrayal of Loki in the finale reflects elements of every previous iteration of the character, underscoring his growth and rediscovery of purpose throughout the series. This exploration of identity and control over one’s own narrative resonates with audiences.

The finale of Loki Season 2 on Disney+ marks a significant milestone in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, not only for Tom Hiddleston’s iconic character but also for the ongoing Multiverse Saga storyline. Following its record-breaking debut in October, the show depicts Loki navigating a complex web of timeline branches that pose a threat to the entire universe if left unaddressed. Titled “Glorious Purpose,” the finale serves as a pivotal moment for the character, a point emphasized by Hiddleston during his appearance on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon.

Following the resolution of the actors’ strike, Hiddleston seized the opportunity to make a guest appearance on the late-night talk show and discuss his series, a promotional aspect that had been absent during the 118-day strike period. During his interview with Fallon, Hiddleston described how the season finale serves as a “culmination” of his 14-year journey portraying Loki in the MCU:

“I will say it all comes full circle. It is a kind of conclusion to season two, it’s also the conclusion to seasons one and two, and it’s also the conclusion to 6 films and 12 episodes and 14 years of my life. It’s been a journey.”

In the series finale, Loki gains mastery over “time-slipping,” allowing him to traverse time at will. Empowered by this newfound ability, the God of Mischief embarks on a centuries-long endeavor to mend the Temporal Loom, only to realize that his efforts are ultimately futile. After reconnecting with He Who Remains, Loki makes a pivotal decision that alters the course of events. Embracing his former godly form, Loki withstands the destructive force of the Temporal Loom and personally intertwines the unraveling timeline branches. Ultimately, he weaves these branches into a structure resembling Yggdrasil, the mythical World Tree, and assumes the mantle of the God of Stories, akin to his comic book counterpart and guardian of the multiverse. This development sets the stage for potential crossovers between various Marvel universes leading up to Avengers: Secret Wars.

As Hiddleston elaborated to Fallon, this conclusion imbues one of Loki’s original appearances in the MCU with new significance:

“In the finale there are echoes and resonances of every version of Loki I have ever played. The episode is called “Glorious Purpose.” If you remember in the first Avengers film, Loki comes down to Earth, looks at Sam Jackson as Nick Fury and I say, “I’m Loki of Asgard. I’m burdened with glorious purpose.” And he’s arrogant and he’s hubristic, and he’s entitled and he’s puffed up and he’s going to take over the world. And then, you know, it doesn’t go so well for him. We’ve all seen Infinity War. Face-to-face with Thanos. Not so glorious. At the beginning of season 1, Mobius, played by Owen Wilson, basically shows Loki that the glorious purpose was a fallacy. And he gets kind of a second change. And that, I think, was the most exciting thing about this show was seeing Loki try to rethink and rediscover that sense of purpose, which we can all relate to I think. We wonder if we are in control of our own story.”

While Hiddleston’s remarks may suggest that this marks the conclusion of Loki’s story, it is likely not definitive and indicates his potential return. Additionally, other hints in the finale, such as Renslayer’s final moments near a pyramid at the end of time or the TVA’s new role in overseeing Kang’s variants, strongly imply Loki’s future involvement. Many fans anticipate a final reunion between Loki and his brother Thor as part of the culmination of the multiverse saga.

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