Unveiling the Enchanting Honokohau Falls: A Hidden Gem of Maui


Nestled in the depths of West Maui Mountains, Honokohau Falls stands as the tallest waterfall on the island, towering with a shroud of mystery and natural splendor. This majestic waterfall cascades in two tiers, with lush rainforest embracing its every drop. An aerial journey via helicopter remains the sole method to witness the magnificence of Honokohau Falls, offering an exclusive encounter with one of Maui’s most captivating hidden treasures.


The allure of Honokohau Falls is matched only by its exclusivity. There are no roads, trails, or pathways to traverse for a closer look at this natural wonder. The terrain surrounding the falls is rugged and impenetrable, leaving the sky as the only pathway to its beauty. A helicopter tour provides a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to gaze upon this untouched and awe-inspiring sight.

Helicopter Tour Experience

Maverick Maui Helicopter Tour Experience

Maverick Maui Helicopter Tour Experience

Helicopter tours to Honokohau Falls vary in duration and price, but most offer a comprehensive journey that lasts between 30 to 60 minutes. Prices can range from moderate to premium, depending on the level of luxury and service provided by tour operators such as Blue Hawaiian Helicopters or Maverick Helicopters. Each flight delivers panoramic views alongside expert commentary on the region’s history and geology.

What to Expect

As you ascend into the skies, prepare for a spectacle of nature’s artistry. The helicopter’s hum fades against the backdrop of Honokohau’s cascading waters plunging into an emerald pool below. Verdant valleys unfold beneath you, with the West Maui Mountains standing sentry around the falls. The tour may also include glimpses of other natural formations along Maui’s coastline and historical sites that have shaped the island’s unique heritage. It is important to honor the eco-sensitivity of the area by supporting tours that practice responsible tourism.

Aerial view of Honokohau Falls, one of the tallest waterfalls on Maui

Aerial view of Honokohau Falls, one of the tallest waterfalls on Maui

Planning Your Trip

The best time to embark on this aerial adventure is during Maui’s dry season, from April to October, when weather conditions are optimal for flying. To ensure your spot in the skies, book your helicopter tour well in advance, especially if planning to visit during peak seasons like summer or winter holidays. For the flight, wear comfortable clothing and closed-toe footwear; also consider bringing a light jacket as temperatures can be cooler at higher elevations.

Honokohau Falls - Wailuku -Maui - Hawaii

Honokohau Falls – Wailuku -Maui – Hawaii


The elusive charm of Honokohau Falls is undeniable, proffering an adventure that will etch itself into your memory. Add this helicopter escapade to your Maui itinerary and experience the unspoiled grandeur that awaits at this hidden gem.

Honokohau Falls

Additional Tips

  • Delve into local folklore that often surrounds such majestic natural features; tales of ancient Hawaiian deities and spirits add depth to your visit.
  • Captivating images or clips of Honokohau Falls can serve as powerful visual aids to complement your article and capture the imagination of potential visitors.
  • Tailor information in your guide to suit various traveler types—whether they seek luxury experiences or are budget-conscious adventurers.

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