A Guide to Buying the Best Door Mat For Your Home

The perfect door mat can make your home look better and set an ideal tone for your guests. However, finding the right mat can be difficult. Today, we’re going to walk you through the factors you should consider when buying a door mat for your home.

What Is The Purpose Of Your Door Mat?

A door mat is used to keep your floor clean and prevent the dirty floor from getting tracked across the hallway, kitchen or bathroom. That’s why it is important to pick a mat that has rubber backing and durable material. Otherwise, the mat will wear out quickly, leaving you with dirty or scuffed-up floors. Another thing to keep in mind is the design of the mat. Although most door mats are about the same in terms of design, they can vary considerably in the way they are manufactured. The most common door mats come in the shape of a rectangle, but there are also mats that look like a sofa or stairs. For people who don’t like buying these overly bulky mats, there are also flat mats and mats with colorful and reflective designs.

What Type of Door Mat Is The Best For Your Home?

Do You Need A Door Mat For Your Entrance?

People enter their homes with their hands full and a lot of times this can lead to tripping over items or knocking things off the table. A durable, soft and attractive door mat can give you peace of mind. Before buying a new door mat, it’s worth taking a look at the interior of your home and see if it meets the requirements. If not, then it may be best to put off getting a new mat until you replace the flooring in your entryway or switch from carpet to wood laminate. Remember, even if a door mat can make the transition easier, it’s also important to consider your activities in the home. Are you prone to overstretching your arm to knock things off the table?

Does Your Home Have Pets That Shed?

No one wants a stained, dog-tired mat on the door, but shedding fur and debris can hide every mark and scratch. So, how can you avoid this problem? Pick up a mat that’s mostly made of wool. This type of material is machine washable, and will minimize the amount of pet hair that’s shed when you vacuum. Another great tip is to avoid mats made from recycled materials, as they often contain plastic in their production. Is Your Floor Straight? You don’t want to buy a mat that looks crooked or haphazardly shaped. A loose-fitting mat may look good, but it’s more likely to wobble in different directions. As with most things, you want to pick up a mat that’s adjustable so it fits your exact space. Is Your Door Floor Straight?

What Material Is The Best For Your Door Mat?

Choosing the right material for your door mat depends on the weather conditions you are facing. Even though no matter what weather it is, a door mat made out of synthetic material like plastic or rubber will remain practical as the weather gets cooler. As long as you are careful to keep it clean, you can expect a good mat for outdoor use. This can be a great option if your mat is not meant for indoor use. The very best door mat for most homeowners, however, is made out of natural material, such as the material used in interior door mats. Natural materials are excellent for using indoors and outdoors because they do not cause physical harm to the environment. The longevity of natural door mats also prove that you don’t need to pay a lot of money to have a very good door mat.

Colour Options and Other Factors to Consider When Buying a Door Mat

Size You can’t have too much room in your home, so you want to make sure the door mat you choose can accommodate your door in a room size. In addition, you should consider buying a smaller mat for smaller entryways, like a powder room or bathroom. Painting Option You want a door mat that looks good while keeping dirt, spilled liquids, or soap off the floors. You should go with a washable option that doesn’t make a mess. Check the material Material choice is another factor that you should consider. You may want to go with a vinyl or an adjustable material so that you can move it as your family grows. Door Surfaces When choosing a door mat for your home, you should make sure that it is appropriate for the door surface in your home.


You should make sure that the mat is removable. You can choose to have your mat cleaned and washed or leave it in the dust. You should also check that the mat you are buying is 100% biodegradable. This way, you will be contributing in keeping the environment clean and a healthy place for your visitors to step on. Let’s say you have decided on the perfect door mat, how will you carry it home? Here are some options: Move it – If you need a mat for a few weeks or months, you can transport it in a little plastic bag. This is very eco-friendly, because you will be getting rid of your trash. You can take it home and take care of it. Or, simply carry it out the door. Carry it home in a cardboard box or in some other packaging.

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